Founded by Evelyne, with a love for interior and all things beautiful, WOOSTUDIOS is an esthetic advising bureau specialised in interior projects, from private residences, to commercial, retail and hospitality & real estate (homestaging).

What started in 2016 as Jackie Woo, changed in 2020, when we wanted to emphasize the various interior concepts we worked on more.

Jackie Woo became WOOSTUDIOS, a more complete and more speaking collective name for all the things we are passionate about.

We even added a little shop, so we can share our passion with you in real life.

In 2021 WOOSTUDIOS shifted gear when interior stylist Stéphanie joined forces and we welcomed Studio Little Woo to our family, because our little heroes also deserve a well styled bed – or playroom.

Both having years of expertise in interior styling we are now partners in crime to provide you with professional interior advice for every room in your project.

Please check out the website & shop , we would LOVE to hear from you!


Evelyne & Stéphanie